Kefi Club Events for 2017-18 Season

Meetings are held at Rushwick Village Hall at 7.30 pm on Fridays. This season's events calendar is as follows:

October 20

Annual General Meeting followed by a talk Did the Trojan War actually happen? by Martin Harris

November 24

A talk on Western Art and Greek Mythology, Gods, Goddesses, Sex and Sorcery by Julia Elkington

December 15

Christmas Dinner

January 19

A talk on Athenian Women by Bob Stone

February 16

A talk on Life in a Cretan Village by Chris Lloyd

March 23

A talk on The Geology that made the Aegean by David Rees

April 20

Greek Cookery Competition

May 18

A talk on The Greeks in Sicily by Judith Bates

June 22

A talk on Constantinople - The Rise of Kemal Attaturk by Loretta Proctor

July 20

Summer Barbecue