To contact us about the club and membership

If you wish to ask more about the Kefi Club or consider becoming a member please telephone the club secretary, Nick Kontarines, on 07837288887 or contact him by email at

It is possible to come as a guest member on a club evening to get a more complete idea of our activities. Members will be very happy to chat about the club, travel to Greece, learning the language, cooking and other things. The Kefi Club is after all a social club.

The website for Rushwick Village Hall contains a map showing its location (about three miles to the west of Worcester town centre) as well as giving more information about the venue.

Athenian Women

At a talk on women in ancient Athens

BBQ 2016

At a summer barbecue

The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 requires the Kefi Club to have a policy about how it protects the privacy of members. Click here to see our data protection policy. It will appear as a PDF document in a new window.