Friday 24th March
'A Brief Stroll in Elounda'
Lindsay Kontarines
Friday 21st April
Greek Cooking
Rushwick Village Hall



Kefi Club FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs will be answered here - if you have other questions about the Kefi Club please call Nick Kontarines on 01684 566 323.

Is The Kefi Club open to anyone?

Yes - although you would probably love all things Greek to get the most from the Club.

What does it cost?

See the How to Join page - annual membership fee plus a meeting entrance fee which varies depending on the meeting

Do I have to pay the £12 subscription at the first meeting I attand?

No, you can come along and pay a 'guest' fee which is normally a little more expensive than the member fee. If you are going to come to more than the odd meeting it is worth becoming a member.

Can members bring guests to meeting?

Yes, although it is always useful to know numbers a few days prior so that adequate refreshsments are catered for.
Please call Nick Kontarines on 01684 566 323 to advise how many people are coming.

What is the format of the meetings?

Meetings are generally relaxed and informal, following a theme as indicated on the Events page.
Refreshments normally include a selection of Greek Wine or Beer, soft drinks and a few meze style nibbles - of the snack variety rather than a meal (unless you have a small appetite!)

What else does the Kefi Club do?

Other events are organised from time to time such as visits to museums, churches, Greek restaurants.