Welcome to the Kefi Club

A social group for lovers of Greece and all things Greek

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Boat in Kefalonia

The Greek word 'kefi', which means good humour, perfectly describes the tone of the club. We meet monthly from October to June on Friday evenings at Rushwick Village Hall

About seven of our meetings centre on talks by club members or invited speakers on Greece-related subjects including for example: ancient and recent history, mythology and its impact, ancient philosophy, art and music, life and travel in Greece today and, by no means least, Greek food. Occasionally we hold a quiz evening. Meetings start at 7:30pm and in line with Greek tradition there is a break for light refreshment with, optionally, Greek beer or wine.

On a more festive note we intersperse these meetings with evenings bringing out the excellence of Greek cuisine. In December we have a club Christmas dinner, in April we hold a Greek cookery evening which generates ample food for everyone, and the club year ends in July with a Greek-style barbecue.

We also organise occasional visits to the British Museum and other museums and, as one might guess, Greek restaurants.

If you are interested in joining or would like more information try the Contact us page.